Orihuela is the capital of the region of the "Vega Baja del Segura" (natural region of the Segura River); it has been the capital of a province and even of a kingdom. The city was named the first city of the province of Alicante, 11 September 1437. In 576 it was the capital of the Visigothic province of Aurariola, to which it gave its name.

In 713 (5 April) the military man and Count Teodomiro, proclaimed himself King of Tudmir. In 825 the Kingdom of Tudmir, became a dependent kingdom under Ummayad control, and the capital was moved to Murcia. In 910 the Kingdom of Tudmir passed to the Emirate of Cordova. In 1053 the principality of Murcia, part of the Kingdom of Denia, is created.

Orihuela is a beautiful city situated in the province of Alicante and is renowned for being the former capital of the kingdom. Getting to Orihuela is very easy, as the A-7 highway leads you directly there. Unlike many cities situated on the Costa Blanca, it is an inland town, but the coast is very close and easy to reach, so don't worry about problems getting to the beach because you have the Orihuela Costa. The Orihuela Costa is composed of sixteen kilometers of delicate beaches and mild year-round temperatures, so your tan is guaranteed regardless of the time of year when you go to Orihuela.

Orihuela will impress you with its very special Moorish flavor, as the Moors ruled over the city for centuries. It will also impress you and charm you at the same time with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, which differs from one part of the city to the other. Your eyes will be delighted with orange, almond and even olive groves, plus picturesque cotton fields as well as a beautiful palm tree forest. The nearby hills, known as Hurchillo, offer you the possibility of enjoying spectacular views of the entire surrounding landscape, so try not to miss them.

In 1086 the principality of Murcia becomes independent from Denia. In 1212 the area passed to the Kingdom of Murcia. In 1304 Orihuela was considered to be on the border between the kingdoms of Castile and AragggÃn. In 1366 it passed to the kingdom of Valencia. In 1437, it was declared a city and in 1707, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor made Orihuela capital of the province of Orihuela.

In 1737 Alicante, Elche, Monforte, Jijona, Villajoyosa, Agost, Busot, San Juan or Muchamiel became independent from the province of Orihuela, forming the one of Alicante. 1799 Orihuela was part of the province of Alicante. In 1810, Napoleon made Orihuela part of the Department of Segura with the capital at Murcia. In 1822, Orihuela passed to the province of Murcia. 1833 it became part of the province of Alicante. In 1920 nationalistic movements spoke of Orihuela as belonging to the "country of Murcia."